Information about AA, and contact details for people wishing to recover from Alcohol addiction

A forum for Members of AA to share their experience, strength and hope with one another


There are about 3500 meetings each week the UK , and more than 400 in London. Most meetings start at 8pm and last till 9.30pm. There are however meetings at other times, mainly lunchtimes.

They take the form of Chair meetings with a speaker for approx 30 minutes and then sharing from the floor, Step Meetings and various other theme meetings such as Big Book or Discussion Groups.

Most meetings are "Closed" ie only for Members of AA and those with drink problems but many groups hold an "Open" meeting on a monthly basis for all interested parties.

How to Contact AA.

My Contact Numbers for the UK page lists all the regional Telephone Contact numbers. If you are not sure which number covers the area you are visiting, ring the London Telephone service (020) 7833 0022. - they can point you in the right direction.

Your local Telephone Directory will always have the local contact number for AA  The telephone services in the UK are manned by Alcoholics from the local Intergroup and they will have up to date details of meetings in your local area with local contacts for each group.


Once you get to your first meeting you will find that most Intergroups publish a leaflet giving details of meetings in the local area.


There is also a book called "Where to Find" which is published by GSO in York. This has details of all meetings in the UK, listed by area, with all the Intergroup telephone contact numbers. This is updated annually.It also contains details of European Meetings. It is only made available to members of the Fellowship. It is possible to obtain copies before traveling to the UK by writing to ;

Alcoholics Anonymous
P.O. Box 1
Stonebow House
York YO1 2NY
The book is sold for £3.50 in this country - so a donation for a little more than this would be appreciated. Please send notes or travellers cheques as bank charges for currency coversion would cost more than the book itself. A 10$ or £5 note with your name and address and some verfication of your membership of the Fellowship (local group etc) would be appreciated.
Where to Find On Line   Where to Find is now live on the Internet with a searchable Database - Postal Districts are most useful for London ie "E15". This is usually more up to date than the printed version.

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